2021 Program

Thursday August 26, 2021 8PM

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Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu,
Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson

Hawaii, USA 8 min (Animation)
Kapaemahu reveals the healing power of of four mysterious stones on Waikiki Beach and the legendary dual male and female spirits within them.


Eduardo Petersen
USA 9 min (Drama)
A father and husband going through the fourth stage of grief confronts his wife in hopes of getting their family back together.

Santa Claus

Jieun Lee
Republic of Korea 26 min (Drama)
On Christmas Eve, Jae-Yul, as Santa Claus, brings gifts to children in a rich village and in a poor village. This year, he faces an unexpected event..

Untitled Earth Sim 64

Jonathan Wilhelmsson
Sweden 7 min (Sci-fi Comedy)
A woman is faced with existential crisis after learning that the universe is an untitled simulation.


Maysoon Khaled
Jordan 24 min (Drama/Narrative)
Diana, a young farmer from a conservative family, lives in a rural village. Her mother discovers her relationship with a young man, which leads to her whole family finding out..

It’s Look Sunshine

Kim Seunghwan
Republic of Korea 24 min (Drama)
Young-Eun lives with her mother and learns eco-friendly photography. After her mother gets caught in a discarded net submerged in the sea and drowns, Young-Eun moves away.

How to End a Conversation

Gregory JM Kasunich
USA 8 min (Drama)
A heartbroken man, unable to stop calling his Ex, enlists a therapist to help him lift the weight of his past relationship off his shoulders……literally.


Friday August 27, 2021 8PM


The Boy Who Would Become a Knight
Gianmarco D’Agostino
Florence, Italy 7 min (Drama/Animation)
Using live action and stop motion animation, this film tells about a moment of transition in the life of Luigi, a child from Florence at the end of the 14th century.


Lana Vlady
Russian Federation 20 min (Drama)
When a murder happens in Norilsk, Russia, a young policewoman has to deal with strange events.


Kazuya Ashizawa
Japan 3 min (Drama/Documentary)
Just before his performance, the pianist is trembling. Tension and anxiety mercilessly attack him. Will his recital succeed?

Mercy Table

Taghrid Abdel Maksoud
Egypt 16 min(Drama)
Amira drives a rickshaw for a living. When she receives an offer to deliver food for the “Mercy Table” it becomes a challenge.

Ruby Days

Noah Wong
Massachusetts, USA 16 min (Drama)
Red is a boy who lives in his own imaginary world and shares all his fantasies with his best friend Ruby.


Yelena Lissassina
Kazakhstan 21min (Drama, Mature)
Dina’s son is seriously ill. It is almost impossible to find the large sum of money needed to save his life.

A Righteous Man

Zach Freeman
USA 7 min (Drama)
When a pastor’s sex addiction begins to affect both his marriage and his job, he must finally confront his sins and seek redemption.


Dominic Kubisch
Austria 20 min (Drama)
From her first day on the job as a hairdresser, Paula can’t take her eye off the strange jukebox in the corner.



Saturday August 28, 2021 4 pm



Taylor Domico
Rochester, NY USA 3 min (Animation)
As it flies through a forest, a grey butterfly spreads dust on everything it passes. However, the butterfly and its seemingly ominous dust have a hidden beauty.

Thank You

Maria Shulgina
Russian Federation 15 min (Drama)
Fast food worker Vatalik gets an incredible opportunity to get rich by becoming a bone marrow donor.

At Last, the Sea

Ana Karen Alva Medina
Mexico 13 min (Drama, Mature)
A young woman accused of witchcraft is imprisoned in Veracruz in the 1700’s. She gains strength to fight for her freedom after an unexpected visit from her ancestors.

Lion on the Mat

Asali Echols
California, USA 13 min (Drama, Mature)
A Vietnamese American single mother pours herself into martial arts as a way to overcome her past trauma.

Chica (Shorty)

Sara Escudero
Spain 20 min (Drama)
Magdalena, a widower, receives a visit from her grand daughter. Her present and past will be forever altered.


Sangkyu Kim
Republic of Korea 24 min (Drama)
Mu Tack, a boxer who defected from N. Korea, makes a living as a coach. He needs money to find his wife who he lost during the escaping journey.

All the Young Dudes

William Stead
Florida, USA 9 min (Drama)
Georgia, USA, 1973. Glam rocker Billy rebels against his conservative high school inspiring admiration from an unlikely ally.



Saturday August 28, 2021 8 pm


The Robbery

Nika Belianina
Toronto, Canada 10 min (Comedy)
Two teams of gunmen simultaneously stick up the same convenience store.



Sangman Kim
Republic of Korea 10 min (Drama/Narrative)
Two men working in a shipyard sense someone’s death when the “daily safety song” stops playing.

Big Touch

Christopher Tenzis
Chicago, Illinois USA 3 min (Drama)
An Afro-Surrealist story about a giant woman and a tiny man who through the power of touch experience an unexpected transformation.

The Car Mechanic

Alexandros Tsadilas
Greece 15 min (Drama/Narrative)
The car mechanic locked in his own world, spends his life repairing cars and communicating with them emotionally….as if they were living.


Fabio Thieme
Germany 15 min (Drama)
Demetrius, a charismatic journalist, is caught having faked all his stories.



Suha Araj
Brooklyn, NY, USA 23 min (Drama)
While working at her aunt’s flower shop, Rosa takes her job underground when she begins a side business.

White Eye

Tomer Shushan
Israel 15 min (Drama)
In an attempt to retrieve his stolen bicycle, a man struggles to remain human.


Two Meters Distance

María Díaz Megías, Alfonso Rodríguez Naranjo
Spain 8 min (Drama)
During the 2020 pandemic, two neighbors face loneliness and oblivion by themselves.

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