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49th Festival May 3-5, 2007


Thursday, May 3, 8pm

A Life’s Work – Jason Crain

An emotional filmmaking experiment that portrays the story of a woman’s 86 year life in 24 hours.

Let’s Have Tea – Pepsy M. Kettavong, Matt Cottom

This documentary is about the creation of “Let’s Have Tea,” a sculpture that pays tribute to two of America’s greatest social revolutionaries,Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass.

Creation – Emy Amborn

Every culture has its own creation story; its own version of how the world they live in came into existence. Here we explore the idea that perhaps strangely charming monsters had something to do with it.

Peephole – Allison White, Anthony Miceli

Jack spends his days watching the world through his peephole, obsessed with his beautiful neighbor down the hall.

When Georgie Goes Marchin’ Home – Dave Puls

This animated short takes us on a surreal tour of the Bush administration and its many misadventures.

When They Could Fly – Piotr Kajstura

A group of slaves lives on a 19th century plantation in South Carolina under severe conditions. As their situation worsens, they lose hope. Change occurs when a man brings them an impossible tale.

Kodachrome – Juergen Lossau

Kodak introduced Kodachrome color reversal film in 1935. Kodachrome production stopped in 2006. This Super 8 film is a humorous final homage to this magnificent material.


Friday, May 4, 8pm

House of the Olive Trees – Thouly Dosios

This Greek film introduces us to Anna, who is content in her unbearable loneliness until she meets Markos.

Polka – Rodolfo Collado

A whimsical animated story about a shy, young girl who tries to establish a conversation with an interesting stranger.

A.W.O.L. – Jack Swanstrom, Director, Jessica Wethington, Producer

An American is captured and tortured in Vietnam. At the height of agony, suddenly he’s home. But his torture resumes every night – an unending cycle of pain that he has one chance of breaking.

Mr. Kim’s Burning Night – Gong Boo-Seong

A slapstick high-jinks of a man’s burning desire occurs when Mr. Kim is working on the night shift all alone.

Ninety Days – Tristan Higgs

South Africa, 1964. Helen is determined to communicate with her lover, Oliver, who has been detained without contact under Apartheid’s infamous ninety-day rule.

Roma Sub Rosa: The Secret Under the Rose – Jim Thalman

A politician’s empty words echo the glories of war as a generation of battle hardened veterans decides that the murder of a politician is a wiser course of action than to knowingly march thousands to their death.


Saturday, May 5, 4pm

Worms in the Big Apple – Jenn Guitart

The story of urban composting: from garbage to garden. All over New York City, tiny creatures are transforming residents’ garbage into soil.

Somewhere in the City – Ramsey Denison

Former drug addict, Toby Cray, has straightened out his life and now wants to help others. His efforts to help the homeless have been unsuccessful until he meets Gabe.

My Night With Miss Marple – Kim Sei Rang

A girl with a scarred face meets a blind boy. After spending a day together, they come to know each other better.

All That Remains – Stephanie Maxwell, filmmaker Michaela Eremiasova, composer

This is an intricate mosaic of musical passages and animated, abstract images which are hand painted on film and object animation. The music is an electro-acoustic score.

Deviation – John Griggs

This film was shot using an online game engine with the virtual actors and director never having met. Macintyre, an online-game character and member of a four-man counter-terrorist squad, attempts to break out of the cycle of futile violence that has been his sole existence.

Dog Eat Dog – Jonathan Zames

Fueled by an abiding faith in the American dream, a hot dog vendor networks and schemes in this black comedy about what it takes to make it to the top.

In Search of White Crows – Michael Keene

This is the story of the life of the Fox sisters and the birth of the spiritualist movement.


Saturday, May 5, 8pm

Home For Good – Todd Tinkham

Amy Trentham dreams of one thing – her young husband returning from the war. When that happens, everything will be perfect.

When Broom Sticks Were King – Jason Cusato

Told in a documentary style, when street teams competed for only glory and bragging rights, this film is a tribute to Brooklyn Stickball and the heroes who played it.

Caress of the Creature – Stewart McAlpine

A construction foreman swimming in Lake Habagappe is tickled by a sea creature in a tender, yet masculine way causing many to wonder, ”Is the creature gay?”

first. – DB Woodside, Nick Sivakumaran

first love, first kill, first grace. Throughout our lives, we experience love, loss, and in rare instances, rebirth. Three desperate lives crash, explode, and then converge into an irreversible series of “firsts.”

Swing – Esteban Azuela

An aging couple, happy and in love, find the means to go back and feel what they did when they were young.

Rundown – Patrick Alexander

Rachel Davenport, a TV news anchor, must cover her secret while reporting the news on a live television broadcast.



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