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57th Festival April 23-25, 2015


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Thursday, April 23, 8pm

My Dear Americans

Arpita Kumar, USA 7 min

(Drama) Tejpreet, a recent immigrant to the U.S., is reluctant to embrace her new American identity. In contrast, her husband celebrates everything American until they encounter hatred.

Tuning Oscar

Mikel Alvariño, Spain 20 min

(Romance) Sometimes it’s hard to start a new relationship when a former lover constantly appears.

Children of  Stateless

Moonsik Chung, South Korea 14 min

(Documentary) A Myanmar child’s life, education and work at the Mae-La Refugee Camp in Thailand.

Open 24 Hours

Henry Chaisson, USA 7 min

(Comedy) A man buying duct tape and rope cannot convince the clerk he is in a hurry.

Plato Para Dos (Party of Two)

Eugenia Llaguno, Spain 14 min

(Drama) A couple’s anniversary dinner takes an unexpected turn.

Between Times

Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata, USA 7 min

(Animation) From the wall of a small town bakery, a cuckoo clock recounts the the day when bread was sliced one second thick and time rarely flowed at an even rate.

Carry On

Yatao Li, China 17 min

(Drama) A Chinese father tries to protect his daughter from the Japanese who have occupied China during World War II.

Golosinas (Candies)

Iván López, Spain 12 min

(Drama) Two people have a chance encounter many years after they had first met. Time has passed and both have changed.


Friday, April 24, 8pm


Giovanna Rodríguez Zacarías, Mexico 15 min

(Drama) An 80 year old peasant woman announces she is going to die . . .


Brigitte Drodtloff, Germany 11 min

(Drama) A silent man sets up a stand on the street and gives away his belongings, to the consternation of the vendors who cannot accept what he is doing.

One Armed Man

Tim Guinee, USA 27 min 

 (Drama) What happens when a man who has everything cannot give his employee his one request?

Keeping Time

Steve Woods,  Ireland 11 min

(Drama) A power station worker finds ancient warriors waiting to teach him to dance in a sacred place. He returns to work stronger than he was before.

The Loyalist

Minji Kang, USA 19 min

(Drama) A North Korean general must choose between his beloved country and love for his family.


Bernabé Rico, Spain 20 min

(Drama) Martin, a washed up actor, is offered a job his agent will not let him pass up.


Saturday, April 25, 4pm

Beach Flags

Sarah Saidan, France 14 min

(Animation) Vida, a young Iranian lifeguard, is popular on her team. She is determined to qualify for an international competition.

5 Ways 2 Die

Daina Papadaki, Cyprus 15 min

(Drama) Why does Makis, an everyday man, explore a variety of ways to die?

Enjoy Your Intermission

Adam Carboni & Tansy Michaud, USA 13 min

(Documentary) Roger Babcock, the owner and long-time projectionist for a Coxsackie, New York drive-in theater is battling to maintain his theater in the face of new technologies.

Foster Dog

Lisa Alonso Vear, USA 14 min

(Narrative) A disabled dog is forced to overcome his insecurities with the help of an older, wiser friend.

Hsu Ji (Behind the Screen)

Thomas Rio, France 24 min

(Drama) When her father forbids her to go to school, Hsu Ji watches a silent movie. The characters then try to help her out.

Heyln Springs

Noah Camenker, USA 15 min

(Drama) After discovering that his grandfather is terminally ill, Mason seeks out the local water spring rumored to have magical powers.


Saturday, April 25, 8pm


Puja Maewal, USA 19 min

(Drama) Inspired by a true story, Jaya survives the gruesome life on the streets in Mumbai by posing as a boy.


Jonah Zeiger and Kimberly Harwood, USA 12 min

(Drama) When Harry writes himself into a prison of his own imagination, only his fictional characters can break him out.

Nzara ‘76

Jon Noble, USA 19 min

(Drama) A fictionalized account of the first break out of the Ebola virus in Sudan.


Marie Enthoven, Belgium 21 min

(Comedy) Because of a railway strike, Anthony must go to Geneva by carpooling. Five different personalities are confined together on this crazy trip.

Drone Strike

Chris Richmond, United Kingdom 21 min

(Drama) A day in the life of a devoted father and a RAF drone pilot who is juggling the normality of his domestic life with the warped reality of firing hellfire missiles 4,000 miles away in Afghanistan.

The Last Session

Natxo Fuentes, Spain 14 min

(Drama) During the last picture show, screening the last of 35mm film, a young couple is meeting and an older couple is reminiscing.


Honorable Mention

These films received acknowledgement but were not screened at the festival

Honorable Mention

  • AGAINST NIGHT by Stefan Kubicki
  • ALISON AND JEREMY by Alyxandra Press
  • BIRTHDAY by Chris King
  • IN THE BLIND by Davis Hall and Ingrid Price
  • LOS CONTRERAS FAMILY by Alejandro Becerril Elias
  • ONE MORE DAY by Jean Barker
  • SABRE DANCE by Ilya Roshkov
  • THE ANNIVERSARY by Henry Chaisson
  • THE FIREFLY CATCHER by Stefanie Black
  • THE OTHER SIDE by Beecher Reuning
  • THICKER THAN WATER by Seung Yeob Lee
  • WATER, ICE, SNOW by Karim Raoul


Certificate of Merit

These films received acknowledgement but were not screened at the festival

Certificate of Merit

  • ANNABEL LEE by Carl T. Rogers
  • ARTFUL GAMBIT by Sigurd Culhane
  • BARK by Tang Kaiduo
  • BROOKLYN UNITED by Tracey Anarella
  • DYSLEXIA: WORD BLINDNESS by Virginia Orzel
  • GIFT by Michael Curtis
  • I KNOW YOU by Colin Gerrard
  • IN EVERYONE’S EYES by Lloyd Frost
  • LIFE by Senthil Kumar
  • MARINA’S OCEAN by Cássio Pereira
  • MIGHT BE by Venetia Evripiotou
  • MY GIRL ROSE by Jordan Lewis
  • MY KINGDOM by Debra Solomon
  • PENNY by Elizabeth Sher
  • SEVEN WAYS FROM SUNDAY by Robert Sickels
  • THE RESTORATION by Diana Chao
  • WALKING KIDS OF CHOCO by Rolando Vargas
  • YO TE QUIERO! by Nicolás Conte



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