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59th Festival April 20-22, 2017


MOAS Promo


Thursday, April 20, 8pm

Generation Gap

Chris Fiorentini, USA 11 min

(Drama) After slipping out of a mental institution, one patient appears to meet up with his father.

Après l’hiver (After Winter)

Joachim Weissmann and Amandine Hinnekens, Belgium 17 min

(Dramatic Comedy) The postman delivers a package to a lonely elderly woman who then gets a bright idea.


Conor Chandler Simpson, USA 13 min

(Fantasy Drama) Lucas embarks on a journey to face his fears, telling Samantha how he really feels.



Adrian Mead, UK 10 min

(Fantasy) Olly wants to off himself. Or … does he?

Wig Shop

Kat Coiro, USA 15 min

(Drama) Chaya visits a wig shop and discovers that nothing is as it seems.

Gonna Be a Soldier**

Jonny Lewis, USA 6 min

(Comedy) Six-year-old Joey wants to be a doctor, but his parents have other plans for him.

Trunk Space

Max J. Silver, USA 13 min

(Thriller) When Anna and Pris pick up a hitchhiker, their road trip takes a twisted turn.

Going Public

Steve O’Reilly and Andy Ferguson, USA 16 min

(Comedy) A husband and wife tired of their humdrum life go out in search of adventure.


Friday, April 21, 8pm

Una bellissima bugia

Lorenzo Santoni, Italy 19 min

(Drama) A young man in a wheelchair meets a mysterious friend who seems to know a lot about him.

La parada (The Stop)

David Sanz and Tony López, Spain 18 min (Romantic Drama) After years away, Alex returns home to resolve an inheritance issue. Then he meets Andrea.

Finding Buddha

Zilong Liu, China/USA 30 min

(Drama) An American leaves his usual life behind, heading to China for his 45th birthday.


Sara Soheili, Iran 12 min

(Dramatic Comedy) Five pregnant women fidget in a waiting room, as their bundles of joy get acquainted.

The Suitor

Alvaro Congosto, USA 12 min

(History/Romance) While listening to a 1930s radio broadcast, a lonely man tries to bond with his neighbor.

Riding the Highline

Kai and Anders Carlson-Wee, USA 16 min

(Documentary) Poet brothers hop freight trains and explore life along the Burlington Highline route.


Saturday, April 22, 4pm


Ivo Huahua, USA 14 min

(Drama) A horticulturalist with a debilitating stutter attempts to set an example for his son.

Pancake Jackson

Tao Tang, China 11 min

(Drama) Through performance, a street vendor father finds a unique way to entertain his autistic daughter.

The Trophy Wall

Ellen Johansson, Australia 10 min

(Dark Comedy) Sibling rivalry forces a teenage girl to go to great lengths to win her mother’s affection.


Chen-Wen Lo, Taiwan 16 min

(Drama) A teenager with fading vision goes on a solo journey to gather fragments and bond with her mother.

The Ravens

Jennifer Perrott, Australia 20 min

(Drama) When Ruby’s father returns home battle worn, the family struggles to reconnect.

Verde Pistacho (Pistachio Green)

Paco Cavero, Spain 12 min

(Comedy) As Tomás is chided by his parents for misbehavior, unexpected visitors shed light on the subject.

On Days Like These We Must Surf

Jake Kovnat, Canada 8 min

(Documentary) Lake surfing: impossible? Larry Cavaro and others live to surf the icy waters of the Great Lakes.


Saturday, April 22, 8pm

Molasses & Lemon

Robert Sickel, USA 4 min

(Documentary) The ways people experience love and heartbreak are often eerily and intimately related.


Tian Xie, USA/China 16 min

(Drama) A young boy in a remote village forges an unexpected bond after his parents leave to find work in Canton.

An Average Story

Yaniv Segalovich Israel 18 min

(Comedy) When Avi is named The Most Average Man by the Central Bureau of Statistics, his life changes forever.

Early Mourning

Ben Hartley, USA 14 min

(Performance) A photographer and her lover live an idyllic life, moving in harmony with one another.


All the World’s a Stage

Hannes Rall, Germany 2 min

(Animation) From infancy to old age, this adaptation expands on the opening of Shakespeare’s As You Like It.


Afro de Falco, Italy 15 min

(Drama) For Maria, the notion of becoming a mother is one of life’s most awe-inspiring events.


Gareth Dunnet Alcocer, USA/Mexico 20 min

(Thriller) A proud Mexican barber comes face-to-face with the leader of a local drug cartel.

Fanny Pack

Uttera Singh, USA 10 min

(Comedy) A young Indian-American woman wants to follow her own dreams, to her father’s dismay.


Honorable Mention

Films determined to have special merit during Final Judging

Honorable Mention

  • BURNING SOUL by Cedric Eugene Desenfants
  • FROM THE DUST by Vincenzo Laurella
  • KARMA by Peter Zhaoyu Zhou
  • LE QUINZE MAI à PARIS by Janek Ambros
  • LIFE AFTER HER by Guilherme Festa
  • MOMO by Yunjoo Chang
  • ROCKET by Brenna Malloy
  • SPIN CYCLE by Janeen Talbott
  • THE SERVANTS by Flore Joubert
  • THE TREE HOUSE by Simon Guélat
  • THIS ONE TOUR by Tao Tang
  • WHITE-SPIRIT by Julie Voisin


Certificate of Merit

Films which showed noteworthy artistic qualities during pre-screening

Certificate of Merit

  • BARREIRA by Gonçalo Robalo
  • BRIDGING COLOR by Chang Hyun Park
  • COLD FOREST by Sua Rose Kim
  • DREAMS MY MASTER by Michael Krehan
  • FRIDGEMANIA by Emmanuel DuBois
  • IMP by Brad McDermott
  • RISING by Ron Hagell
  • THE DAY TO CHOOSE by Cheng Kuang-Yu
  • THE SONG OF THE BROAD AXE by Erin Murphy and Nina Schmir



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