61th Festival May 9-11, 2019


3 Days. Dozens of Films. 1,000s of Film Lovers.

Note: Viewer discretion is advised. Films may contain adult themes, content or language. Those likely best suited to ages 18+ have been marked MA for Mature Audience.

Thursday May 9, 2019 8PM

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The Traffic
Separating Device

Johan Palmgren
Sweden 15 min (Documentary)
Installed in the busy streets of Stockholm, a device meant to keep cars away so buses can pass freely meets mixed results and opinions.


For A Better Life
Yasmin Mistry
USA 10 min (Animated Documentary)
Sold to a foreigner for $100 at age 5, Fekri suffered abuse and confusion until finding refuge and a way to reconnect with family.


Moved to Tiers
Avery Herzog
USA 11 min (Live Action/Animation)

A couple comes to life in a bakery and finds a way to escape a humdrum existence, creating its own version of happily ever after.


Tash Kømyr
Evgenii Chistyakov
Kyrgyz Republic 29 min (Drama)

Two teens earn a living the hard way—selling coal they extract from a nearby mine. Despite rough conditions, they dream of a better life. MA


Why We Push
Nathan Sengillo

USA 22 min (Documentary)

Skateboarders from across Rochester, NY, explain how a passion for the sport and a sense of community enriches their lives.


The Right Choice
Tomisin Adepeju

UK 10 min (Sci Fi/Dark Comedy)

With help from The Adviser, a couple answers three seemingly harmless questions in order to create their “perfect” designer baby.


To Remember Me By
Rahoul Daswani
India 15 min (Narrative)
Young Anand searches Mumbai’s historic camera district hoping to revive memories jammed inside an 8mm film camera.


Friday May 10, 2019 8PM


The Scorpion’s Tale
Jhosimar Vasquez
USA 22 min (Drama)
Greed, revenge and death all collide in this taut crime drama which asserts that, in life, perhaps nothing is what it seems to be.


Double Exposed
Julie Buck
USA 4 min (Documentary)
A filmmaker reflects on Super 8 films from her childhood (shot by her grandfather) to shed light on what remained unseen.


40 Meter
Samuel Flückiger
Switzerland 14 min (Documentary)
Kurt drove trains for 40 years and witnessed railroad death firsthand. This is an intimate portrait of a sturdy man navigating trauma.


Him & Her
Nathalie Lamb
Germany 8 min (Animated Drama)
What if a magical tree house could somehow illustrate our fantasies and desires? And give us reason to reflect on our personal foibles?


Written in Stone
Sangsun Choi
South Korea / USA 18 min (Documentary)
This documentary sheds light on the lives of child workers in India who toil alongside family members in a stone quarry village.


L’Homme et le Poisson
Lewis Leon
Canada 4 min (Animation)
Set against the backdrop of a vast frozen tundra, a grizzled fisherman gets his comeuppance—from an eerily familiar fish.



Javier Kühn
Spain 15 min (Drama)
Two women come face-to-face in a Las Vegas hotel room. While Elsa was hired for the job, Mrs. Taylor explains the family secret which brought them both here.


Kim Seul-ki

South Korea 21 min (Comedy)

Will she get the part? Or won’t she get the part? Follow a young actor as she makes every effort to master her emotions.



Saturday May 11, 2019 4PM

The Third Part

(La tercera parte)

Alicia Albares, Paco Cavero
Spain 16 min (Dramatic Comedy)
Sergio is dying from marrow cancer. His doctor and the rest of the medical team work to make his last dream come true.


Catharine Parke
Canada 9 min (Drama)
Overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations of being a teen in high school, Arielle takes refuge in a dangerous habit—which doesn’t go unnoticed. MA

Martin Hill: Camera Man

Joanne Hock
USA 30 min (Documentary)
A curator with a passion for iconic Hollywood film cameras, Martin Hill spent 40+ years collecting cast-off film equipment from motion picture studios.


Welcome to the Ball

Adam Vincent Wright
USA 5 min (Drama)
An effervescent child learns sign language in hopes of striking up a new and enduring friendship with a neighbor.


Man of the Land

Eddie Thomas
UK 11 min (Drama)
After a visit from his son and granddaughter (in which the son urges him to give up the farm), vascular dementia sets in for a proud land owner.


Ana Maria Ferri
Spain 9 min (Narrative Fantasy)
Since Carla left, Coco and Sergio are now inseparable. One day Coco leads Sergio to Carla’s favorite shop, with a sway all its own.


Ben Hartley
USA 12 min (Dramatic Performance)
A young enslaved man is given a pathway from slavery to freedom through literacy lessons carried out under the cover of darkness.


Saturday May 11, 2019 8PM

Parting Shot

Özgür Cem Aksoy
Turkey 11 min (Dramatic Comedy)
At a Turkish funeral, a man fumbles to explain his own loss. When the Hodia leading the proceedings intervenes, a complicated but comic discussion unfolds.

Alone in New York

Jonathan Wilhelmsson
Sweden 2 min (Narrative)
A disillusioned businesswoman considers what her life might be like if she was the only inhabitant of New York City.


The Widow

Brendan Young
Australia 29 min (Drama)
Set in 1965, a Sicilian widow fights for her life when members of the local Calabrian mafia try to seize control of her murdered husband’s produce business. MA


Raúl Koler & Emiliano Sette
Argentina 15 min (Sci Fi/Animation)
Anacronte and the Sorcerers of Evil (devoid of emotion and fulfilling their own destiny) test humanity in a struggle that casts their targets as winners and losers. MA

All My Guardian Angels

Bernabé Rico
Spain 15 min (Drama)
A sports bag is abandoned on Christmas Day. Its contents undertake a journey of survival as it’s handed off by nocturnal beings: its unsuspecting guardian angels.


Prashant Singh
India 21 min (Drama)
A young boy and his grandfather share a special bond. When they’re separated, the boy struggles to understand what’s going on around him. Produced by Tej Sisodia.

Two Balloons

Mark C. Smith
USA 9 min (Animation)

Two adventurous lemurs navigate their dirigibles halfway around the world to a place where happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion.


2019 Honorable Mentions & Certificates of Merit

These films may not have screened at the fest, but they certainly held their own. Shorts which earn an “Honorable Mention” have made it into Final Judging and meet high standards of excellence in filmmaking, acting, screenwriting, set design and more.

Films issued a “Certificate of Merit” did not move on to Final Judging, but they showed strengths of their own and were recognized for demonstrating mastery over one to three key aspects of filmmaking. Examples: a unique or compelling storyline, strong editing, exceptional set design, etc.

Honorable Mentions

BOMBORA by Augie Meleo
A BOY’S FEAR by Samson Ali
EDI ORCA by Andrew Gladstone
ENCORE by Sonny Steckel
A FAREWELL by Yifei He
MITINA LYUBOV by Svetlana Filippova
MOTH by Alexey Frenkel
NIGHTMARE OF GAZA by Farah Nabulsi
NO ONE KNOWS by Tao Zhang
THE PARKER by Brian O’Neill
SALIX CAPREA by Valeriu Andriuta
SPACE COWBOY by David Gunson
TOMISLAV’S DIARY by Vinko Laotovic

Certificates of Merit

BENNIFER by Ryan McGlade
CLEAN ICE by March Mercanti
FIRST DISCO by Helen O’Reilly
GOOMBA’S by David Williams/Aisha Noox
HELEN by Ji Hyun Kim
IN THE WIND by Nakorn Chaisri
IT’S A MESS by Frank Prinzi
JUDGEMENT by Matthew Plourde
JUNIPER by George Martens
LET MERCY COME by Andrew Serban
THE MACKEREL by Insoo Moon
MANIA by Ryan G. Kelly
MS JACKSON by Nate Bellavia
NORMAL by Joshua Little
OBSCURER by Kiera Faber
OLOWE AND I by Christina Ruloff
PAPERCOP by Steve Figueiredo & Sean Patrick Kelly
PERFECTLY NATURAL by Victor Alonso-Berbel
PLAY by Vangelis Liberopoulos
POSITIVE ACTION by Alasdair McWilliams
ROAD TO HER by Jee-hoon Cho
RUNNING FOR LIFE by Minghua Shi & Minghui Shi
THE UNCLOUDED REALM by Ilana Meeker & Elena Najjab
WELCOME FRESHMAN by Bradley Bethel
YES BUT NO by Maria Dioni


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