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64th Festival May 5-7, 2022


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Viewer discretion advised: Films may contain Adult themes, content or language. Those likely best suited to Ages 18+ have been marked MA for Mature Audience.


Thursday, May 5, 8pm

Lorenza’s Bike

Patricio Mosse, Argentina, Drama 12 min

Lorenza is trying to understand if her father, who died in an aviation tragedy, will ever come back to be with her mother again.

Ma’s House

Jeremy Dennis, USA, Documentary 8 min

Ma’s House was once the heart of the community. Ma’s grandson, who is on a quest to restore the family home, reveals generations of history through personal momentos and intimate narratives.


Miida Chu, USA, Drama 15 min (MA)

A young Chinese prostitute must overcome her toxic dependency on her brothel madam on the eve of the 1885 anti-Chinese riots in Eureka, Oregon.

The Malfunction

Tom Festo, Drama/Sci-fi 9 min

In the future, a successful businessman discovers that the primary mode of travel is not what it seems.


Patricia McCormack, UK, Drama 16 min

Myrtle, a trailer park Mom from Indiana, cooks dinner for her son. But something is
not quite right.


Drake Shannon, USA, Drama 11 min (MA)

Past and present are blurred by a horrifying transgression as a female soldier faces the aftermath of a military patrol in the Middle East.


Fabio Thieme, Germany, Narrative 12 min

An employee is paid to fake the lives of his clients in a flat. What makes a life and can you create it by imitation?

Pay Phone

Yurugu Matsumoto, Japan, Drama 16 min

Saki unexpectedly gets an incoming call from a pay phone. The caller is her father who lives apart from her. They decide to meet together.


Lou Rigoudy, Canada, Animation 3 min

A baby girl stumbles across a box and finds a new friend, a teddy bear, with whom she begins to learn about the world.


Friday, May 6, 8pm

Kairos, Qualitative Time

Carlos Scasso, Spain, Drama/Sci-fi 17 min

To curtail the spread of revolts against the System, the “Kairos Programme” has been activated. Isacaar will find himself faced with the chance of preserving something more important than his ideals.

Plea Bargain

Mitch Greenberg, Canada, Drama 6 min

An unstable delinquent charged with robbery attempts to garner the help of a reluctant, surly criminal defense lawyer.

My Darling Amelia

Talor John Marshall, UK/Australia, Drama 16 min

After selling his fishing boat, a young single father retreats to his sister’s house in an attempt to escape the trauma of his past.

Out of Season

Darren Latanick, USA, Drama 18 min

Keith is forced to change his routine after a family member unexpectedly lands in
his life.


Sujin Kim, Republic of S.Korea, Documentary/Animation 8 min (MA)

Four South Korean women give testimony of their forced sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.

The Call of Water

Kanya Tone, USA, Drama 19 min

Flung into the astral plane, Nadia must face ancient forces in order to realize her responsibility to her homeland.


Tony Radevski, Australia, Drama 15 min

A moment in a boy’s life when his masculinity and morality are in opposition. A lizard’s life or death is in his hands.


Saturday, May 7, 4pm


Charles M. Socarides, USA Drama 13 min

After a bitter separation, Quinn learns that his brother Ray is lost forever because of opioid addiction. Seeking closure, he attends the memorial service where he meets Daphne.


Jeon Joohyun, Republic of Korea, Drama 10 min

An ugly woman, a lookism man, a love story between two people.


Jamie Spaulding, USA, Drama 15 min

Two brothers are driven apart by their own nature and pitted against each other by circumstance.

The Bag

Sam Azghandi, Islamic Republic of Iran, Drama 8 min

Muhammed is a male to female transgender person from Iran struggling to come out to family and society.

They remained silent

Albert Folk, Spain, Drama 19 min

A lawyer with a high sense of responsibility is appointed to defend one of three young men accused of burning a homeless woman.


Rona Fayad, Lebanon, Animation 4 min

Enya’s journey trying to make it as a dancer is hindered as her behavior drags her downhill.

Between Two Worlds

Jax Weiner, USA, Documentary 8 min

Amateur dancers from NYC South diaspora form Junoon Performing Arts. Their mission is to celebrate their heritage and address social issues.

The Immortality of Words

Nei Loya, Spain, Drama 20 min

Alfonso, a young literature professor, teaches at the university. His obsession with finding the remains of Federico Garcia Lorca will lead him to an unexpected event.


Saturday, May 7, 8pm

Memory Lane

Jessica Ochs, USA, Animation 3 min

Frank reminisces about his life with his wife, Mary at her gravesite while he looks at their photo album.


Alexandre Oppecini, France, Drama 20 min (MA)

Stella tries to forget her loneliness, drowning herself in red wine. Then she helps a young immigrant worker accused of stealing her phone.

Western Exit

Scott Ballard, USA, Comedy 13 min

Three estranged sisters reluctantly reunite over a hopeful inheritance.

Amir & Alice

Gal Gonen, Israel, Drama 18 min

A story about the unexpected meeting of a Bedouin man and a Jewish woman in a gas station in the middle of the desert.

Wild Remedies

Kelsey L Mahoney, USA, Animation 3 min

An employee accidentally releases a mischievous spirit.


Haochen Liu, USA, Drama 8 min

Karen, a nurse, has a very difficult life. Her boss has just shifted her schedule to take care of an elderly woman who cannot speak English.


Alejandro San Martin, Spain, Drama 9 min

Several people are in a situation in which they speak nonsense, only being able to verbalize a disjointed phrase.

Johnny the Dime

Joseph Blake Menzel, USA, Comedy 7 min

Johnny implements a plan to surprise his sister Carol’s neighbor.

The Kaleidoscope Guy at the Market

Russell Brown, USA, Documentary 21 min

Artist Michael Shaw has been selling his unique stained glass creations at Pike’s Place Market in Seattle for 25 years. He uses his personal narrative to tell us about these fascinating objects and their universal appeal to the human imagination.



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