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Each year the Rochester International Film Festival compiles a “Best of the Fest” traveling library of audience picks for the most popular films in each of our annual program’s (4) distrinct screenings. Attendees jot down their Top (3) in a survey, as they exit the theatre.

MOAS Board Members

Donald Hyatt and Donna Hooker peruse their Top (3) options at 2016’s Rochester Int’l. Film Festival. (photo: Christine G. Adamo).

Best Films

The following films and others we’ve received permission to share publicly are available for loan at no cost to organizations offering free screenings for the benefit of schools, universities, film clubs and other special-interest groups.

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2022’s Best

Best of the Fest 2022

  • BABEL – Alejandro San Martin


  • JOHNNY THE DIME – Joseph Blake Menzel

  • MA’S HOUSE – Jeremy Dennis

  • MY DARLING AMELIA – Talor John Marshall

  • OUT OF SEASON – Darren Latanick

  • PILE’ – Tony Radevski

  • PAY PHONE – Yurugu Matsumoto

  • RAW – Drake Shannon




  • UNFORGOTTEN – Sujin Kim

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2021’s Best

Best of the Fest 2021

  • ALL THE YOUNG DUDES – William Stead

  • HOW TO END A CONVERSATION – Gregory JM Kasunich

  • KAPAEMAHU – Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson

  • MERCY TABLE – Taghrid Abdel Maksoud

  • ROSA – Suha Araj

  • SANTA CLAUS – Jieun Lee

  • THANK YOU – Maria Shulgina

  • TWO METERS DISTANCE – Maria Dias Megias & Alfonso Rodrigues Naranjo

  • THE ROBBERY – Nika Belianina

  • WHITE EYE – Tomer Shushan

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2020’s Best

Best of the Fest 2020

  • CRYSTAL HORSE – Ronen Amar
  • EUNSEO – Park Joon-ho
  • EXTRA INNINGS – John Gray
  • FURTHEST FROM – Kyung Sok Kim
  • GIFTS OF THE HEART – Chris Craymer
  • THE IMPORTANT DAY – Olesia Aleinikova
  • KINO RATTEN – Peter McCully
  • LOVE NONNIE – Lisa Addario
  • OFFICE SONG – Alexis Van Hurkman
  • SHELL – Anna Ozar

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2019’s Best

Best of the Fest 2019

  • TO REMEMBER ME BY – Rahoul Daswani
  • WHY WE PUSH – Nathan Sengillo
  • FOR A BETTER LIFE – Yasmin Mistry
  • THE SCORPIAN”S TALE – Jhosimar Vasquez
  • AUDITION – Kim Seul-ki
  • HIM & HER – Nathalie Lamb
  • 40 METERS – Samuel Flueckiger
  • THE THIRD PART – Alicia Albares & Paco Cavero
  • FREE – Ben Hartley, Lisa Donmall-Reeve
  • MARTIN HILL: Camera Man – Joanne Hock – Director John Disher – Editor/DOP
  • PARTING SHOT – Ozgur Cem Aksoy
  • ASHES – Prashant Singh & Tej Sisodia
  • TWO BALLONS – Mark C. Smith

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2018’s Best

Best of the Fest 2018

  • ABLUTION – Omar Al Dakheel
  • ASLEEP – Mak Abdel-Hai
  • DOG CLOG – Maggie Miller
  • LAST FAIR DEAL – Nicholas Gray
  • THE OAK TREE – Ethan Jahan
  • THE DINNER SCENE – Nicholas Thurkettle
  • WAKE THE RIDERLESS HORSE – Michael Langman
  • BULLIES – Daniel Bydlowski
  • OMA – Bill Kirstein
  • THE LAST LEAF – Ekaterina Uvarova
  • THE PRINCE – Kyra Zagorsky
  • FACING MECCA – Jan-Eric Mack
  • THE SCHOOL OF HONK – Patrick Johnson

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2017’s Best

Best of the Fest 2017

  • APRÈS L’HIVER (After Winter) – Joachim Weissmann & Amandine Hinnekens
  • WIG SHOP – Kat Coiro
  • GOING PUBLIC – Steve O’Reilly & Andy Ferguson
  • FINDING BUDDHA – Zilong Liu
  • LA PARADA (The Stop) – David Sanz & Tony López
  • MWAH – Sara Soheili
  • THE SUITOR – Alvaro Congosto
  • STUTTER – Ivo Huahua
  • THE RAVENS – Jennifer Perrott
  • PROMISE – Tian Xie
  • FANNY PACK – Uttera Singh
  • AN AVERAGE STORY – Yaniv Segalovich

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2016’s Best

Best of the Fest 2016

  • PAPER WRAP FIRE – Raymond Yeung
  • PASTIME – Nate Mancini, Johnny Sikma and Craig Peterson
  • IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK – Matthew Spaull
  • LONG JOHN – Joe Bellavia
  • WHERE LEAVES FALL – Alicia Albares Martínez
  • THE BENCH – Cameron Burnett
  • ISA AND THE FROG PRINCE – Yingxiang Huang
  • WHERE WE BEGIN – Mitsuyo Miyazaki
  • REMEMBER WHEN – Swati Srivastava
  • BUSINESS ETHICS – Nick Wernham
  • THE APOLOGY – Yu Shibuya

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2015’s Best

Best of the Fest 2015

  • CARRY ON – Yatao Li
  • TUNING OSCAR – Mikel Alvariño
  • MY DEAR AMERICANS – Arpita Kumar
  • OPEN 24 HOURS – Henry Chaisson
  • COWBOYS – Bernabé Rico
  • RAMONA – Giovanna Rodríguez Zacarías
  • THE LOYALIST – Minji Kang
  • OMUL – Brigitte Drodtloff
  • HEYLN SPRINGS – Noah Camenker
  • FOSTER DOG – Lisa Alonso Vear
  • 5 WAYS 2 DIE – Daina Papadaki
  • HSU JI (Behind the Screen) – Thomas Rio
  • TAXISTOP – Marie Enthoven
  • DRONE STRIKE – Chris Richmond
  • JAYA – Puja Maewal
  • THE LAST SESSION – Natxo Fuentes

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2014’s Best

Best of the Fest 2014

  • 9-1-1 – Andrew Fairbank
  • Distance – Aimee Long
  • We Are Enemies – Ilya Rozhkov
  • Tin Cans – Chris Edwards
  • Way in Rye – Goran Stankovi?
  • Virtuos Virtuell – Thomas Stellmach and Maja Oschmann
  • Dies Irae, jour de colère (Day of Wrath) – Emmanuel Dubois
  • Hotel – José Luis Alemán
  • Small Talk – Peter LeVake
  • The Choice – Evan Kaufmann
  • Bingo Night – Jordan Liebowitz
  • Shenanigans – Peter Kimball
  • Butterfly Dreams – Venkat Krishnan
  • The Sidekick – Michael J. Weithorn and Rob Benedict

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2013’s Best

Best of the Fest 2013

  • Zombi – David Moreno
  • Free Kick – Bernabé Rico Herrara
  • The Poker Lesson – Jim Thalman & Louis Pappas
  • Les cybernautes rêvent-ils d’amours digitales ? – Gilles Bindy
  • Les perruches (The Parakeets) – Julie Voisin
  • Le radar (The Radar) – Jan Rouiller & Nicky Marbot
  • The Future – Venetia Taylor
  • This is Vanity – Oliver Goodrum
  • Desconexión – Yecid Benavides
  • The Op Shop – Lee Rogers
  • Grantræet, (The Fir Tree) – Lars Henrik Ostenfeld
  • The Last Marble – Manjari Makijany
  • The Bard – Adam Carboni
  • A House, A Home – Daniel Fickle
  • Elegy for a Revolutionary – Paul Van Zyl
  • BLACKWOOD – Natasha Johns-Messenger
  • Our Rhineland – Faren Humes
  • Ema- Jean-Marc Simonneau
  • The Collegians – Bryan Lewis
  • ¿Cual es el precio? (What is the Price) – Sergio Yunta
  • Foreign Language – Adam Kelly Morton
  • The Unpardonable Night – Minji Kang

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2012’s Best

Best of the Fest 2012

  • Shéhérazade et le délice casher – Agnès Caffin, Paris, France
  • Catharsis – Cédric Prévost, Paris, France
  • Lunch Breaks – Noah Bench, RIT, Rochester, NY
  • Prunelle and Melodie – Mathieu Simonet, Paris, France
  • My Angel My Hero – Faizan Sheikn San Francisco, CA
  • LUZ – David Liz, FSU
  • I Will Greet The Sun Again – Shahbaz Noshir, Tehran, Iran
  • A Finger, Two Dots Then Me – David Holechek, Los Angeles, CA
  • Young Mother Nature – Stephen Conroy, Columbus, OH
  • Historias – Gloriana Fonseca-Malavasi, Costa Rica/FSU
  • Carbon for Water – Evan Abramson, New York, NY
  • Crescendo – Alonso Alvarez Barreda, Mexico/USA
  • Trashland – Jim Ed Wills, FSU
  • Kerozene – Joachim Weissmann, Brussels, Belgium

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2011’s Best

Best of the Fest 2011

  • Le Négociant – Joachim Weissmann
  • Defying Deletion – Andre Anton
  • Holdup – Aprile Ruha
  • Altarcations – Ron Leach, Chris Luckhardt
  • Touch – Jen McGowan
  • Na Wewe (You Too) – Ivan Goldschmidt
  • Bad Influences – Kate Emery
  • Mozambique – Alcides Soares
  • Cliquetastrophe – Michael Felker
  • The Gem of the West – Joseph Rechtman, Jared Kowalczyk
  • The Perfect Gentleman – Michael Rohrbaugh
  • Motel – William Peters
  • All Birds Whistle – Roy Khalil

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2010’s Best

Best of the Fest 2010

  • An Unfinished Romance – Alison Heather
  • Late Bloomer – Yitzchak Enav
  • Lovesick Fool – Dominic Polcino
  • Boond (A Drop) – Abhishek Pathak
  • Lightheaded – Mike Dacko
  • Sebastian’s Voodoo – Joaquin Baldwin
  • Lastrain – Tony Lopez
  • Whisperwalk – Elli Weisbaum
  • Land Gewinnen (Gaining Ground) – Mark Brummund
  • True Beauty This Night – Peter Besson
  • The Incident at Tower 37 – Chris Perry
  • Zimbabwe – Anjuli Hinds
  • Flint Creek – Christopher Hall
  • El Encargado (The One in Charge) – Sergio Barrejón
  • Some Boys Don’t Leave – Maggie Kiley

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2009’s Best

Best of the Fest 2009

  • A Matter of Degrees – The Tupper Lake Wild Center
  • Alternative – Andrew Swan
  • Arranged – Suraj Das
  • Before It’s Gone – Paulo Leierer
  • Butterflies Die in Snow – Karim Azimii
  • In the Dark – Alex Fazeli
  • Interpretation – Lin Oeding
  • Karklesbarn (Love Child) – Daniel Wirtberg
  • Old Days – Matthew Shapiro
  • On the Road to Tel Aviv – Khen Shalem
  • Open Your Eyes – Susan Cohen
  • Purge – Brad Kammlah
  • Thanks to the Whistleblowers – Dave Puls/Animatus Studio
  • The Best Man – Justin Lazernik
  • Worth – Kathi Carey
  • Written Off – Camron Berner, Com 414C
  • My Four Inch Precious – Sou Yun Sim

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2008’s Best

Best of the Fest 2008

  • Instant Karma – Tristan Higgs
  • Still – Susan Schwartzwald
  • Chain – Hyunmi Park
  • The Replacement Child – Justin Lerner
  • Medium Rare – Stephan Stuckert
  • MIA – Catherine Rehwinkel
  • Pismo – Matvei Zhivov
  • Mojado – Angela Trevino
  • The Wall – Michael Lloyd Green
  • Speed Dating – Crystal Liu
  • Borderline – Sam Lembeck
  • Zefirino – Gerardo Puglia
  • Penguin: The Musical – David Metzger
  • Forasteiro – Thiago Fogaca, Priscila Andrade
  • Edgar and Elisabeth – Renee Webst

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2007’s Best

Best of the Fest 2007

A Life’s Work Jason Crain 11 minutes

An emotional filmmaking experiment that portrays the story of a woman’s 86 year life in 24 hours.

Deviation Jon Griggs 6 minutes

This film was shot using an online game engine with the virtual actors and director never having met. Macintyre, an online-game character and member of a four-man counter-terrorist squad, attempts to break out of the cycle of futile violence that has been his sole existence.

Dog Eat Dog Jonathan Zames 15 minutes

Fueled by an abiding faith in the American dream, a hot dog vendor networks and schemes in this black comedy about what it takes to make it to the top.

Home for Good Todd Tinkham 10 minutes

Amy Trentham dreams of one thing – her young husband returning from the war. When that happens, everything will be perfect.

House of the Olive Trees Thouly Dosios 29 minutes

This Greek film introduces us to Anna, who is content in her unbearable loneliness until she meets Markos.

In Search of White Crows Michael Keene 21 minutes

This is the story of the life of the Fox sisters and the birth of the spiritualist movement.

Kodachrome Jurgen Lossau 5 minutes

Kodak introduced Kodachrome color reversal film in 1935. Kodachrome production stopped in 2006. This Super 8 film is a humorous final homage to this magnificent material.

Let’s Have Tea Pepsy Kettarong 25 minutes

This documentary is about the creation of “Let’s Have Tea,” a sculpture that pays tribute to two of America’s greatest social revolutionaries, Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass.

Ninety Days Tristan Higgs 15 minutes

South Africa, 1964. Helen is determined to communicate with her lover, Oliver, who has been detained without contact under Apartheid’s infamous ninety-day rule.

Peephole Allison White 15 minutes

Jack spends his days watching the world through his peephole, obsessed with his beautiful neighbor down the hall.

Polka Rodolfo Collado 5 minutes

A whimsical animated story about a shy, young girl who tries to establish a conversation with an interesting stranger.

Somewhere in the City Ramsey Denison 12 minutes

Former drug addict, Toby Cray, has straightened out his life and he now wants to help others. His efforts to help the homeless have been unsuccessful until he meets Gabe.

Swing Esteban Azuela 3 minutes

An aging couple, happy and in love, find the means to go back and feel what they did when they were young.

When Broomsticks were King Jason Cusato 27 minutes

Told in a documentary style, when street teams competed for only glory and bragging rights, this film is a tribute to Brooklyn Stickball and the heroes who played.

When they Could Fly Piotr Kajstura 28 minutes

A group of slaves live on a 19th century plantation in South Carolina under severe conditions .As their situation worsens, they lose hope. Change occurs when a man brings them an impossible tale.

Worms in the Big Apple Jenn Guitart 18 minutes

The story of urban composting: from garbage to garden. All over New York City, tiny creatures are transforming residents’ garbage to soil.

Roma Sub Rosa Jim Thalman 28 minutes

A politician’s empty words echo the glory of war as a generation of battle hardened veterans decide that the murder of a politician is a wiser course of action than to knowingly march thousands to their death.

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2006’s Best

Best of the Fest 2006

Confessions of a Late Bloomer Jen McGowan 15 minutes

Donny, the smallest boy in class, is always the butt of someone’s joke. This is about to change when he accepts the school bully’s challenge to kiss Sheila, the girl of Donny’s dreams.

Cries from Ramah Loren Chadima 15 minutes

A bombing on a Tel Aviv street takes the lives of a Palestinian and an Israeli. Later, at a police station, their mothers encounter each other.

Dear, Sweet Emma Lori Cernak 5 minutes

As the search is given up for Emma’s husband, Tucker, we learn that Emma has a secret, uncontrollable dark side.

Liberte Conditionelle Constant Mentzas 10 minutes

Waiting for his plane, a man is suddenly arrested. His examiners harass him with bizarre questions until he confesses. Caught in the crossfire of this war between absurdity and reason, will he be its only victim?

Driver’s Ed Mike Standish 11 minutes

High school senior Kate must pass her driver’s test to visit her boyfriend in Seattle. Mr. Meeker thinks he can teach her how to drive.

Karma Chris John 11 minutes

Sara has been abused all her life by her older sister, Samantha. Now everything is about to change as a journey takes them down a dangerous and unexpected road where they discover the power of Karma.

Mute Melissa Joan Heart 14 minutes

Eileen is seen sabotaging her elder sister Claire’s wedding. We start to realize that she and the groom have a past that has scarred Eileen in more ways than one.

The Legend of Black Tom Deron Albright 16 minutes

When freed American slave Tom Molineaux journeys to England to fight for the bare-knuckle boxing championship of the world, he faces not only his opponent in the ring, but also an entire nation.

Viola Fondente Fabio Simonelli 13 minutes

Viola is an overweight, beautiful woman. Her frustrating life is pivoted on a monotonous job and a hateful husband.

Wentworth R. Stephen Suettinger 17 minutes

A neurotic misfit must choose between the fantasy girl of his dreams and her real-life flesh and blood counterpart.

When the Moon is Full Marc Lesser 25 minutes

From a troubadour’s guitar spins the tale of Javier, a recent Ecuadorian immigrant, who longs for Olivia, the woman whom he serves from behind his deli counter every day.

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2005’s Best

Best of the Fest 2005

The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle Michael Vaingauz & Erynn Midwall 20 minutes

Sherlock Holmes is dead. Creator Arthur Conan Doyle’s daughters are being held for ransom to bring back Sherlock Holmes. Instead Doyle decides to solve the kidnapping case himself.

Donna’s Room Stephen Lindsay & Michael Bartolotta 17 minutes

A woman “awakens” to find herself in a strange room with her hands bound. A mysterious man appears with knowledge of Donna’s past. Does he hold the key to setting her free?

Juliet Kristina Jessica Doyle 21 minutes

Juliet uses the conventions of the horror genre to explore the boundaries of fear, desire, and the lengths to which one will go to belong.

Lis and Ogre Jim Bruck & Vale Bruck Jackson 9 minutes

A visually spectacular adventure in which the characters move through many extraordinary fantasy environments toward a final confrontation inside an imaginary ore processing factory.

Parallel Worlds Dave Puls 7 minutes

The abuse of Iraqi prisoners moved this filmmaker to reexamine his own memories of working at a NY State Mental Hospital in the early 1970’s.

Rainbow’s End Chris Mancini & Bill McCullough 15 minutes

Three small time crooks capture a leprechaun and try to shake him down for his pot of gold.

Hunting Camp John C. Lyons 36 minutes

A story of deception, lies and betrayal. Two men, two lives, one deadly secret.

Sailing for Madagascar Tom Oesch 13 minutes

The friendship between a young white girl and a Japanese-American boy is challenged by racism and bigotry emerging in post-Pearl Harbor California

The Murder of William Lyman Michael Keene 23 minutes

Historical recreation of the first murder committed in Rochester, NY. Verbatim court transcripts and police eyewitness reports were utilized.

If You Step on a Crack Jennifer Atkins 18 minutes

When the Cubs are your home team, losing can become a permanent state of mind. But the night before her breast biopsy, a worried woman refuses to give up hope.

A Story of the Woods Jihong Min 13 minutes

A child had found a young sleeping lady sitting on a chair in an old house. She becomes his secret until, as a young man, he finds an old woman in the house.

The Abbey of the Genesee Paulo Almeida & Joshua Morrell 13 min

We take a brief look into the Monastic lifestyle focusing on labor, Lectio Divina [Divine Reading], and prayer as the monks tell their story at The Abbey of the Genesee in Piffard, NY.

Stopover Evelin Longo 21 minutes

A mother is torn between two great passions of her life: her beloved daughter and her acting career.

Oedipus Jason Wishnow 8 minutes

The story of Oedipus in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables in the tradition of Ben Hur.

Sophie Matisse, a New York Painter Christine Lombard 27 minutes

Meet Sophie Matisse, a painter living and working in downtown Manhattan. “Being the great granddaughter of Henri Matisse can be daunting,” says Sophie, “but recovering from 9/11 is a much larger challenge.

Death as a Tango Valerie C. Plimpton 23 minutes

Kasey Barnett struggles to rekindle her passion for life, while dancing with death.

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2004’s Best

Best of the Fest 2004

An Assignment John A. Rangel 23 min

On the verge of expulsion from a city high school, Tommy must choose between loyalty to old friends and a possible future with a new friend.

Black Gulch Michael Strode 15 min

It was supposed to be a simple job: rob a small town bank. Unfortunately for Everett and his team, the town of Black Gulch has some nasty surprises waiting for them.

The Search for the Great White Ale Dave Puls, Fredrick Armstrong 17 min

After drinking all the town’s honey-brewed mead, Derf the Viking hopes to redeem himself by finding the fountain of the Great White Ale.

One By Two Hardeep Kharbanda, Suruchi Pahwa 6 min

A person sitting alone in a room is happy when he gets a visitor. But when they start getting into each other’s space, trouble begins.

The Dashing Diner Gregg Watt 17 min

Two prisoners are released back into a dangerous chaotic world, a world they have seen too much of already–except, perhaps, for the restaurants.

Alter Egos Jon Kafarin 9 min

A superhero performs his daily quota of good deeds, and then must face his toughest enemy: his wife.

Autobiograph of an Insect Chris Trebilcock 22 min

An introverted art student and his eight-legged comic-book alter ego struggle with life and relationships.

Beat Box Philly Warren Bass, Liz Goldberg 5 min

This animated cityscape explores the neighborhoods, polarities, popular associations, and visual rhythms of the streets of Philadelphia.

Day of Independence Chris Tashima 27 min

The story of a young Japanese American and his family, torn apart by unjust incarceration in a U.S. internment camp during World War II.

Free Spectra Seokhan Ryu 5 min

A visual symphony of lights filmed at night in the San Francisco Bay area.

Hand Job Hafeez M. Saheed 7 min

An exclusive look behind the scenes of the fastpaced New Jersey nail salon circuit.

Jill Xavier Janghoon Lee 21 min

Is it the brain or the eyes that store the memories of what we see? Since an eye transplant, Joshua has been haunted by horrible memories of a girl named Jill.

Lint Trapped Caleb Johnson 6 min

One man’s brave pursuit of socks through the uncharted dimensions of his dryer.

Mojave Green Miles Duffy 16 min

After a tragic accident, a man killing himself from guilt and a woman living with grief cross paths on a desert road.

Prayers from Kawthoolei Joe Hill White 30 min

A documentary about three friends from the Karenethnic group of Burma. Two immigrated to Canada; we follow one back to Burma to find the third, left behind years earlier.

Seaside Trilogy Melissa Berman 28 min

Journeys of loss, revelation, and self-discovery set along the Montauk seashore.

Tango Octogenario David Licata 7 min

An ordinary, bickering, elderly couple work out their problems in an extraordinary way.

Time Streams Stephanie Maxwell & Allan Schindler 6 min

Segments and ribbons of “time” evoke past, present, and illusory experience in this hand painted 35mm animated film with a computer generated score.

“Best of the Fest” Honorees

2003’s Best

Best of the Fest 2003

Alchemy Anna Condo 18 min

What goes around comes around–and around. Saskia gives an unusual gift to her doctor only to receive it back from a friend.

All Games Are Home Games: Baseball in San Quentin Josh Springer 27 min

Inside San Quentin State Prison you will be introduced to the all-inmate baseball team, the San Quentin Giants. This film answers the questions “What’s it like to play against an inmate serving a life sentence for murder?” and “How does baseball help them reform?”

All That I Perceive Lindsay Daniels 4 min

Share an experience about an unsuccessful eye surgery that caused the filmmaker to have double vision giving her a unique and broad visual terrain that served as an inspiration to think about the world in a new way.

As Virgins Fall Natalie Barandes 28 min

Amid sex, drugs, and the Viet Nam War, a privileged teenage girl is about to learn that no one is safe.

Back to One Reid Mihalko 10 min

John has finally summoned up the courage to pop the question, but he can’t seem to make it come out right. Even the most well rehearsed moments aren’t what they seem.

Bamboo Master Ding Ye 4 min

A talented young martial artist is defeating renowned martial arts clans in China. One day he is defeated by the Bamboo Master in the Bamboo Forest.

Barntasia Helen Kiefer 12 min

Beautiful photographic imagery from America’s historical barns dances to music in a fantasy of sound and light.

Crossing Riccardo Costa 9 min

While walking in Manhattan, Cass meets all the people that matter most in his life. Something strange is going on.

Jungle Picnic Laura Di Trapani 5 min

Two brothers, Stodgy and Starchy, lose their taste for the great outdoors when one encounters a tiger and the other has to decide how many hot dogs to eat.

La Toiletta Dave Goldenberg 8 min

The epic saga of a fifth grader who has to go to the bathroom during a test, and the teacher who stands in his way. Presented, of course, as an operetta.

Match Scratch Fever Kristin Solid 3 min

When a match escapes the matchbox and enters the world, he soon uncovers the meaning of life and embarks on a mission to fulfill his destiny.

Mount Everest—Up Close and Personal Ron Strobel 17 min

This is a story about being middle-aged, out of shape, and lazy. It’s about two cultures literally a world apart. It’s about surmounting obstacles and seeking pure adventure and a life-long dream.

Nine Jennifer Campbell 26 min

In this uplifting documentary, nine breast cancer survivors prepare for the world’s largest two-day rowing event. The film follows the women’s stories as they bond and share hope, from their first meeting through the entire race.

Reverberation Matt Costanza 7 min

Live action footage of martial artists and dancers brings this experimental animation to life.

Rocks and Chocolate Teddy Sharkova 12 min

In a post-communist Eastern European country, times are tough. A little girl steals from the jar containing the poor family’s meager savings.

Shadowboxer Vilka Tzouras 28 min

Filmed in a direct and provocative style, “Shadowboxer” brings issues of female teenage violence into focus through the story of a 16-yearold girl named Reena.

Smithee’s Lecture David Liban 24 min

Follow five students as they rush to attend a lecture that their professor says is to be given by famous Hollywood filmmaker Alan Smithee.

Sobering Robert Deege, Michael Turfler 24 min

A young man wakes up with little recollection of the night before. During the day, flashbacks and phone conversations provide conflicting evidence of what happened. In his search to figure out the truth, he makes a discovery that will change his life.

Some Lucky Bastard David W. Tamkin 22 min

When Chris Miller is given the task of running the office pool, he discovers it gives him an excuse to see co-worker Tanya Nichols twice a week. Events lead the financially strapped Chris to take a risk that forever changes his life.

Taste it All Richard J. Liukis 27 min

What goes on behind the scenes of the art world? A different view of the artist, the gallery owner, and the patron.

The Legend of Razorback Michael Greenspan 25 min

Eleven year old Avery Small must find the key to unlock his silence and pain.

Tiny Magic John Takacs 21 min

Nick, a magician with supernatural abilities, attempts to charm Michelle. A memorable evening punctuated by a magical ending.

Tremors Evelin Longo 12 min

A woman in love is tempted by another man and gets lost in the seduction game, forgetting about the world around her.

True Believer Dave Puls 4 min

The alarm is sounded to be aware of the True Believer. This film blends humor with stark observations of fanatics past and present.

Unearthed Christina Spangler 8 min

Alone and exposed in the above ground world, an unearthed potato fights for survival and is given the gift of sight, only to realize the impermanence of its existence.

Waiting for Johnnie Walker Teddy Sharkova 30 min

Hana is considered eccentric by the other patrons at the bar where she goes each night, waiting for her “mystery man” to appear and take her away. Karl, the compassionate bartender, looks after her.

Water Gabriele Zamparini 14 min

An African immigrant searches for a job in Harlem, but finds something else….

West Bank Merry-Go-Round Bob Barancik 3 min

A meditation on the cycle of violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians on the West.


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